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Over time, despite your best efforts, and the usual upkeep of your dental health, teeth manage to get discoloured and stained. Why let that affect your smile, self-esteem and confidence?

We are the most trusted dentists for teeth whitening in Bendigo. There are a lot of untested, unverified and  potentially harmful teeth whitening shortcuts out there that have a history of nasty side-effects. Teeth whitening, at Epsom Dental, happens under the supervision of our qualified dentists in a perfectly safe environment. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of patients with our cost-effective teeth whitening procedures  to obtain that whiter and brighter smile. Ask about teeth whitening at your next routine checkup, or book a consultation so our dentists can explain our teeth whitening process. Any specific questions can also be asked and answered at this time.

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●     Take-home whitening kits require approximately 15 minutes with your dentist who will start by taking moulds of your teeth. A bleaching tray will be provided to you at the subsequent appointment.

●     You will be able to whiten your own teeth with this tray at home every night for approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on how many shades lighter your teeth need to be.

●     You may opt for a further top-up as you see the initial whitening take effect, and the right concentration will be provided to you. The duration and how often you use the trays for will be determined at the follow-up.

Why go with Epsom Dental for Professional Teeth Whitening:

●     Our Whitening Process does not damage or weaken your teeth.

●     Your dentist will endeavour to minimise the amount of temporary sensitivity after whitening, as this is one of most common side effect.  You will be given clear instructions pre, and post procedure.

●     Your dentist may use tooth mousse after bleaching which will help to alleviate any short-term sensitivity.

●     If sensitivity persists for longer than expected, it is advised you take a break from whitening. Your dentist will pre-empt any potential adverse reaction and monitor your situation closely, every step of the way.

●     Lastly, all of your existing fillings will be replaced with more aesthetic fillings after the procedure is completed.

Teeth Whitening 04 | Dental Embassy Lyneham


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